Heaven and Earth

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Where David Ogilvy’s first two albums, 2001’s ‘Like It Is’ and 2004’s ‘Mockingbird’, found their geographical axis in some imagined sleepy Mexican border town, the Scottish American’s third offering, ‘Heaven and Earth’, sees the porch swing traded for a barstool, set stage-right in a long neglected yet supremely exclusive members bar where velvet rules over plaid,¬†night over day, and town over country.

1. Stick Around

2. No Fear

3. Can’t Get Used To Losing You

4. Roadmap

5. Hey Jimay Shand

6. Sweet Rose

7. Pity The Poor Immigrant

8. Whole Wide World

9. Last Night

10. I Woke Up

11. Midnight Train

12. Last Pink Chip

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David Ogilvy


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